40 Days until 40: Day 33, 2007

January 29th, 2015 · No Comments


Los Angeles! Our time in the big, weird, beautiful, crazy city is well documented here on the blog. We moved in the summer of 2006, and lived in a nice little apartment in West Hollywood, almost walking distance from my work at the film archive, and in the middle of an ever-changing lineup of restaurants, bars, movie theaters, music venues, and anything else a couple of young marrieds might need to make a life in the city.

Mark took this photo of me during a breakfast a bunch of us went to before work – if I remember correctly, it was the first and last time we did that, as no one else was really a morning person – at Doughboys’ then-new location on Highland, after the 3rd St. location had closed down, and before this one followed suit and became The Corner, which I think it still is now. Not much remains of the massive and tasty breakfast sandwich I was working on.

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