169 Towns #83: Union

November 12th, 2018 · No Comments

#83 Union: Strides for Scholars 5K

Right up at the northern edge of the state, not far from Massachusetts, this race took place on a lovely, if slightly chilly day. We parked in a state park parking lot, about a quarter mile from the start, so I was glad to arrive in time to get registered. We started along the entrance road toward the parking lot and not long after starting, we were passed in the opposite direction by Piotr, the one of the fastest of the regular 169 crew, just arriving from the parking lot. He managed to get a number and chase us back, passing all but one to come in second, despite giving everyone a head start. Impressive. It was a lovely trail run, not the fastest 5K, but a nice day out.

Strides for Scholars | 5K | 11/11/18 | 24:53 | 83/169

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