The Alaska house

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We’re enjoying the last day of our brief trip to Alaska today before we head to Seattle for Memorial Day Weekend tomorrow. Though both girls have been here before, in some ways this trip has felt like the first time they’ve really experienced the travel, the excitement, and the beauty of Alaska. It was Lucy’s first trip as a paid passenger with her own seat (Boston to Seattle, Seattle to Anchorage), and both girls did really well. Grace loved looking out the window during the flights (neither girl slept on either flight) and marveling at whatever was outside: farms, clouds, mountains, “the earth,” and so on.


The weather has been gorgeous, and we’ve enjoyed a lot of great outdoor activities. On Monday, we took advantage of a stunningly beautiful, warm day to take a drive down to Girdwood and a trip up Mt. Alyeska on the tram (Grace’s second time), where we enjoyed the views and the girls ate some snow, followed by lunch at the Bake Shop.


Yesterday, we paid a visit to the Musk-Ox Farm in Palmer (Aimee’s and my second time), where we saw three two-week old musk oxen, Twix, Heath, and Pixie Sticks. The girls were intrigued, but a little put off by the mother’s bluffing charge.


We even got to give the girls an up close visit with a moose we spotted near our house:


We’ve hit all the must-visit restaurants (Moose’s Tooth, Mexico in Alaska, Snow City) and other sights and shops (the museum, Title Wave, a Kaladi’s or two), and Aimee and I had a night out with Neil and Erica for dinner at the Bear Tooth, as well, so we’ve packed a lot into four and a half days. I’ve been able to go for a run every day, too, including one which felt like it took me halfway up Near Point. The weather, the daylight, and the parks are a pretty incredible combination, but something that’s easy to take for granted when you live here, I think.










More photos here.

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