169 Towns #87: Chester

July 5th, 2019 · No Comments

169 Towns #87 Chester

Chester, not far from Essex and from Gillette Castle, which we visited a few years back, one the eastern side of that great empty spot in the middle of Connecticut, and both northern (15) and southern (95) routes seem to get you there just as quickly.

With my typical lack of advance planning, I was low on cash and couldn’t find the checkbook, so I grabbed 24 ones on my way out the door, which was all we had. I found two more in my wallet and was already to promise to pay later, being unable to find the fees on their website, but it turned out they had a credit card reader at the registration tent, a sure sign of a big race. And indeed it was, with nearly a thousand finishers.

It was a great race, on a really hot day, with townspeople out with their hoses to cool us off as we ran by. Chester is a beautiful town, and I felt pretty good, especially when I was able to grab a complimentary beer on the doorstep of the local brewery at the end of the race.

Chester Rotary Four on the Fourth | 4M | 7/4/19 | 32:11 | 87/169

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