169 Towns #74: Clinton

August 18th, 2018 · No Comments

#74 Clinton: Bluefish 5K

This race wins the award, so far, for most complicated and well-organized offsite parking scheme. I parked my car in a school parking lot and was driven to the race start, in another school parking lot, by school bus. I was the only passenger on the bus when I rode over, so I got the entire explanation of where the money went, who was running bag check (very trustworthy, mind you) and a rundown of the race course. Of course, I decided to walk my stuff back and just leave it in the car, and then catch another shuttle back to the start again. The race had a nice course, and the weather was great, though I was on the slow side.

Steward’s Ace Hardware Bluefish 5K | 5K | 8/18/18 | 24:27 | 74/169

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