169 Towns #56: Lisbon

September 23rd, 2017 · No Comments


After hopping onto 395, it was only about ten minutes from Bozrah to Lisbon, where I pulled into the parking lot of the Lisbon Fall Festival with 15 minutes to spare before the start. I found the registration table, got a number, dashed back to my car to drop my wallet, and got in the starting pack.

The race was a simple out and back, mostly flat except for the long slight uphill to the finish. I wasn’t too concerned with going fast, but I did feel fairly well warmed up. Between the additional .3 miles on top of the 5K my body had become accustomed to, and the fact that I’d just finished a race a half hour before, it was a little rough, but I managed a decent finish.

Lisbon Fall Festival Road Race | 3.5M | 9/23/17 | 27:47 | 56/169

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