169 Towns #71: West Haven

July 16th, 2018 · No Comments

#71 West Haven: Savin Rock 5K

The whole family came out for this one, and Grace joined me on the course for the 5K. We had a good time, and she did a great job, taking just a few short walk breaks along the course, and really giving it her all. We used every technique in the book—”run to that fence, then walk for ten seconds,” “catch up to that guying the blue shirt, then slow down”—and she stuck with it. By the end, she had enough in the tank to really run for it, and out-sprinted me to the finish line. She ended up coming in first in her age group (2-9!), and sheepishly picked up a pint glass prize afterwards.

Savin Rock 5K | 5K | 7/15/18 | 33:57 | 71/169

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