169 Towns #70: Redding

June 30th, 2018 · No Comments

#70 Redding: Rock 'N Roots 9k

Redding isn’t that far from here, but my maps app took me what seemed like a fairly out-of-the way route to get there, along lots of great little roads with no other cars. After a half hour of this, all of a sudden I turned a corner and there was a police car, a line of runners cars waiting to get into a parking lot, two guys in Revolutionary War costume, a portable smoker, and a giant barn full of T-shirts, trophies, and people picking up their bibs. This qualifies as one of the bigger races I’ve run, and was really well organized, with people directing parking, personalized bibs if you registered early enough, and lots of familiar faces from some of the previous 69 races I have run. Plus a half dozen of the aforementioned reenactors.

As we milled around waiting for the start, I heard lots of people talking about the terrain, and the difficulty of the race, so was feeling forewarned. I ended up spotting a guy wearing an Amherst hat, and caught up with him and his classmates afterward, including a fellow DQ member. I had no illusions that I was going to overcome their 20-year advantage, but I It was indeed a tough race, with a few killer hills, plus it was 4km longer than anything I’ve run in the last year, so my body wasn’t too prepared for it.

Redding Rock ‘N Roots 9k | 9K | 6/30/18 | 44:54 | 70/169

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