169 Towns #69: Glastonbury

June 25th, 2018 · No Comments

#69 Glastonbury: Glastonbury River Runners Firecracker 5K

I’d always wanted to visit Glastonbury, but was more interested in the festival in Somerset, rather than a town south of Hartford. Nevertheless, I head here, parked along a narrow country road, and found the race start in a little park. The course took us along small town streets, in a sort of loop, with a little variety and some small. I worked to slowly catch up with people, while also keeping those behind me at bay, and ended up running pretty consistently and managed to come in twelfth, placing second in my group. The atmosphere was nice, but the organization was a little lacking—over the course of the post-race period, people gradually took most of the prizes, because they weren’t marked as prizes and no one was watching. There ended up being such a delay between the end of the race and the awards that most people weren’t around to accept theirs, but oh well. I’m sure they’ll get it together next time.

Glastonbury River Runners Firecracker 5K | 5K | 6/24/18 | 22:35 | 69/169

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