169 Towns #63: Litchfield

February 18th, 2018 · No Comments

169 Towns #63: Litchfield

It had been two months to the day since I’d run a race, and while a 5 miler wasn’t perhaps the best way to come back from some time off, it fit into the schedule. My time off had been due a combination of the busy holiday season and weather-related lack of races, and also because I’d pulled something in my left hip while pushing too hard after a week off over Christmas in Alaska.

I felt well enough to get back into things, and as always, today’s race was the one on the calendar that took place in a town I hadn’t run in before, that was early enough in the day to not be too disruptive, and close enough that I wouldn’t be gone all morning. The race was well organized and an obviously popular annual event. I tried to pace myself, but having been out of it for a few months, combined with my general inability to pace myself on races over 5K, I flagged near the end, but still felt like I put in a decent time. It was a little chilly, but could have been worse.

Sweetheart Run | 5M | 2/17/18 | 41:38 | 63/169

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