169 Towns #58: Seymour

October 7th, 2017 · No Comments

#58 Seymour: Pounding the Pavement for Pink 5K

While my dad ended up injuring himself before the race, meaning we didn’t have three generations of runners represented, I was happy to have the chance to run with Grace again, in her second 5K. She did great, though the course was tougher than the previous race we ran together, and the hills took their toll on us early. There was quite a crowd, the biggest race I’d run since the Manchester Road Race last year, and we enjoyed watching the crazy costumes and enthusiastic cheering sections. Grace ran and walked in half and half proportions, I’d say, and had a great finishing kick that surprised us both, I think.

Pounding the Pavement for Pink | 5K | 10/7/17 | 37:39 | 58/169

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